San Diego Pit Bull Rescue


Pit Bull Rescue San Diego is devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming pit bulls in San Diego area shelters, educating the public on responsible pet ownership, and advocating against the inhumane activity of dogfighting and the unethical practice of backyard breeding.

Resources for adopting, training, and even housing for Pit Bull owners.

Need to Rehome your Pit?

Unfortunately they do not have the resources to take owner surrenders into our program. They do take back dogs that have been adopted from our program but will do all they can to counsel you in ways to be able to keep your pet in your home. We can list spayed/neutered pets on our courtesy listings page.

Please read about ways that you can continue to care for your pet before making a final decision.

If you still wish to have them listed on their courtesy page, please fill out our courtesy posting form.

Housing Resources

Don’t give up your pit due to housing limitations. They have some tips for how to find pit friendly housing and a list of some of the pit friendly landlords we’ve found in San Diego.

A volunteer run, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (ID#20-3957702)

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