As a fan of tattoos, this is awesome! Get your dog a tattoo that is perfectly safe for your pooch from Pet Science Labs. I thought of ear piercings years ago when I had a pit bull. His ears were clipped and I thought how cool it would be to have a tiny stud in his ear.

Back to the tatts. Petattoo stamps are soft foam rubber and flexible and easily bend to apply the entire stamp to your pet’s coat. Petattoo stamps have an ergonomic handle and easy for everyone to use. The stamps are reusable and easily cleaned with a paper towel and water. You can remove the tattoo easily from your pet as well with a wet cloth or paper towel. The stamps come in a variety of shapes and dimensions for every size animal. All Petattoos are packaged with a 3-color paint pot strip and paint applicator. Stamps are $6.00 each.

There are many designs and sayings to choose from or you can create your own design just like mom and dad. Customize and personalize your own Petattoos for any occasion or for any purpose. For $49.95 you get 5 Petattoo stamps of your design plus paint, paint applicators and application instructions. Email at for Design Release & Licensing Forms or for more information on your creation.



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