Cuddle Cone-Comforting Alternative to Hard Plastic

What is Cuddle Cone?

Cuddle Cone is a new alternative to hard, plastic e-collars. It is made of stiff, yet lightweight 1/4″ foam, which is covered in colorful designer fabric. The inside of the cone is lined with a soft, comforting fleece to “cuddle” your pet’s head. Cuddle Cone attaches with convenient velcro closures and loops that secure it to your pet’s collar.

What Size Cuddle Cone Should I Buy?

Cuddle Cone comes in 4 sizes: x-small (8″-10″), small (12″-14″), medium (13″-15″), and large (15″-17″). Cone length: x-small (4″), small (6″), medium (8″), and large (10″).

Measuring Your Pet

Proper fit is crucial to the effectiveness of the Cuddle Cone. Measure your pet around the neck, and from the neck to the end of their nose. The cone length is the most critical measurement, since the cone should extend several inches past your pet’s nose to be effective.

Is Cuddle Cone Safe For My Injured Pet?

Cuddle Cone has been praised by veterinarians as an effective alternative to traditional cones for surgery recovery, allergies and itching, and other conditions that may cause licking and scratching. Cuddle Cone is suitable for your pet’s specific needs. Please use caution when leaving your pet unattended. Any exposed Velcro closure nay adhere to certain materials.

Is Cuddle Cone Washable?

Due to the water-resistant nature of the foam, most minor spots can simply be patted dry. For thorough cleaning, hand wash and hang dry for best results. for quicker drying, you may tumble dry on a low setting.

Where Can I Buy Cuddle Cone?

Cuddle Cone Soft E-collar for sale at and are currently the only online distributor of this outstanding product. Prices range from $19.99 for the XS to $34.99 for the Large size. Shipped anywhere in the US via USPS Priority Mail or USPS Express Mail. Cuddle Cone is also sold through select retailers or at your local veterinary office. You can email for sales information.


2 thoughts on “Cuddle Cone-Comforting Alternative to Hard Plastic

  1. I got one of these for my shih-tzu, and it works great! The cone is soft, but firm – and also very cute! Now that the injury has healed, I use it when I want to do some light grooming on my fussy pup.

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