Save America’s Wolves

First she was shot. Then the body of this highly endangered wolf was dumped-like a sack of garbage-along the side of the road.

To scientists she was F386, a five-year-old female that represented hope for her struggling species.

To us, she was a beautiful animal who deserved the right to live in the wilds of America’s Southwest, where these wolves once thrived.

This terrible killing underscores the growing mindless hatred threatening Mexican wolves — or lobos — the rarest wolves in the world.

Please donate today to help catch the wolf haters who are stalking and killing lobos and put in place a protective recovery program for the most endangered wolves in the world.

Decades of trapping, shooting and poisoning exterminated lobos from the wild. In 1998, wild wolves returned to the Southwest — but more than a decade later, their lives are in grave danger.

Criminal wolf killers, mismanagement and a venomous anti-wolf movement have caused the Mexican wolf population to plummet to just 42 — putting these rare animals at risk of a second extinction in the wild.

Please stand with us today and give these wolves a fighting chance through your tax-deductible donation.

The bottom line is that lobos will not survive the fierce onslaught of these extremists without our immediate action. Your contribution will help Defenders…

Post rewards to help law enforcement capture and put these lawless wolf killers behind bars.

Push Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to fast-track a science-based plan for restoring lobos to their rightful home in the Southwest. Already, nearly 53,000 Defenders activists like you have sent messages to Secretary Salazar urging immediate action, including thousands of wolf supporters living in Arizona and New Mexico.

Counter the hate-filled propaganda of extremists through an aggressive public education campaign.

Use proven on-the-ground techniques to keep wolves away from livestock and away from those who would harm them.

Please donate now to help save the last 42 wild lobos and other wildlife struggling to survive.

The plight of lobos is desperate. Only two breeding pairs are left in the wild as these wolves struggle to survive-including the mother and father of the Middle Fork pack who have each lost a leg to a painful human-made trap and gunshot wound.

State officials have twice targeted this three-legged pair for removal from the wild. Defenders is again working on the ground to make sure these wolves stay out of harm’s way.

The fight to save these magnificent wolves from a second extinction in the wild will be tough, but with your help, I know we can succeed for them.

Save something wild,
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. Wolf-haters are stalking the last 42 Southwest wolves in the wild. Help us put wolf killers behind bars and secure protection for these beautiful animals with your secure online donation or call 1-800-385-9712 to donate by phone.


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