Animal Communicators

Cindy Westen

I have not used any of the following communicators. I did meet Cindy Westen with Chats with Animals.  She seems very authentic and has reasonable prices. Some people charge huge unrealistic amounts in my opinion. Cindy can communicate long distance with only a picture emailed of faxed to her since she uses telepathy to communicate.

Animals have a natural use of telepathy, human minds are usually too “cluttered” to use telepathy. Some people, such as Cindy, have a gift. Other people practice Reiki and get what is known as an attunement (level 1 class)  to awaken your body to the vibrational frequency of the Reiki system. (Reiki is also used for healing humans and animals). I am sure there are other avenues people use to communicate with animals. Cindy uses her own energy. Be cautious before shelling out big bucks to someone who says they can communicate with your pet.

All-Ears Animal Communication – Office/Phone consults 619.295.5504
Intuitive Behavior consulting for animals and their people by Brigitte Noel.

Chats with Animals • 760.533.4603   (Cindy Weston)

Patrice Ryan Pet Psychic & Intuitive Healer • 818.241.2624
As featured on television & articles.

The Heart of Conversation • 760.753.1954
Paula Brown offers a holistic approach to speaking with your animal • All species heart to heart talk, energetic & flower essence reads • Remote, in person reads.


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