Pit Bull Myths

Pit Bull is not really a breed. It is a generic term used to describe dogs with similar traits and characteristics. The breeds typically included are American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers. There are many breeds that are mistaken for “Pit Bulls”.

Pit Bulls Cannot be Around Other Pets
Pit Bulls can live peacefully with other dogs and animals. However, the Pit Bull has historically been bred to fight. Early and continual socialization can help a Pit Bull be more animal friendly. Genetics play an important role in how the dog will respond to other dogs and animals.

The Pit Bull is no more aggressive than any other dog, and like any other dog carries certain traits and characteristics. Being aggressive is not one of them. Pit Bulls are usually large and muscular, making them seem intimidating. There are people that do get these dogs just to fight, unfortunately, and teach the dog to be aggressive.

Pit Bulls Will Turn on Their Owners
No breed just “turns” on their owner, regardless of the stories you hear. There are red flags of the dogs behavior leading up to an attack. This could be for a variety of reasons. If the owner mistreated or abused the Pit Bull, it can turn aggressive, as would any other mistreated breed. The Pit Bull is actually a great family dog, even around small children, as I can personally vouch for. In tests done by the American Temperament Test Society, Pit Bulls were generally less aggressive when faced with confrontational situations that produced negative reactions out of many other stereotypically “friendly” dog breeds, such as beagles and poodles.

Pit Bulls Lock Their Jaws
That would be NO. There is no breed of dog that can lock their jaw. My Golden Retriever will hold something (food or bone) in the back of her mouth that she really wants and you cannot pry her mouth open. But her jaw is not locked, although it seems like it. Actually, I could get my pit’s mouth open easier than my golden. There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any kind of ’locking mechanism’.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Photo Courtesy of SKEG

Pit Bulls do Not Feel Pain
Pit Bulls have the same nervous system of any other breed, and they can and do feel pain. Although they can tolerate a lot of pain. Play “Find the Pit Bull” and pick out the American Pit Bull Terrier on the link below. Many dogs are labeled as Pit Bulls, that are another breed. Good luck (Not to worry, I didn’t pick the pit right away).

For pit bull owners, the stakes are always higher. While they may not instigate a fight, they won’t back down from a challenge. Inevitably, no matter who “started it,” no matter what the circumstances, the pit bull will always be blamed. Each incident in which a pit bull gets blamed jeopardizes our right to own these great dogs. Keep your dog out of trouble and be a responsible owner!


Photos Courtesy of For the Love of Petbulls


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