The Total Dog (Wellness Center)

The Total Dog is a Wellness center for your dog’s body, mind, and spirit. It is owned and operated by veterinay professionals. Some of the services they provide are swimming, hydrotherapy, massage, and exercise. It is located at 1750 Ord Way, Oceanside, CA. For pricing and policies visit The Total Dog

Natalie Lindberg, co-owner, is a long-time Registered Veterinary Technician. Her specialty pet care services include Canine Swim Therapy (using water for the benefit of physical and psychological wellness) and Fitness Training (cross training for optimal body conditioning).


  • Improved body condition & physical performanceCardiovascular fitness
  •  Faster recovery from surgery
  •  Faster recovery from sprain or strain
  •  Reduced pain
  • Decreased or prevention of tissue contraction from disuse
  •  Weight reduction & management
  • Obesity prevention
  • Positive effects on the mind 
Live Long and Pawsper!



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