FIDO (Fiesta Island Dog Owners)

Fiesta Island is one of, if not, my favorite place to take my dogs. My Lexis is rolling in the flowers. She loves to run, roll in the grass, and go for a swim. Not to mention, the exercise I get.

FIDO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Fiesta Island for dog lovers with almost 7,000 members and rapidly growing. Fido has an eleven member board who works hard with the city to meet the needs of all Fiesta Island users.

The Fiesta Island Plan vote will not take place at the Oct 5th meeting of the Mission Bay Park Committee. Stay tuned. Soonest it would be heard will be November 2nd.

The next Clean-Up date is set for Sunday, Oct 3rd. 9 – 11am. Please turn out for the clean-up of the off-leash dog area and beaches behind the fence.

Fiesta Island should be a place where city residents and visitors alike find the ultimate refuge from congestion and noise. Serenity!



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