Dexter’s Deli

Dexter passed peacefully, snoring in Tori’s lap on Monday, December 20, 2010 at the incredible age of 17-1/2. Dexter was a beautiful soul. He had a blessed life, starting out as an adopted pound puppy from Missouri and becoming the mascot for his own natural pet stores.

Dexter 1993-2010

Dexter’s Deli specializes in supplying truly all-natural diets and supplements for dogs and cats. When you come into Dexter’s you will find that we do not have aisles and aisles of dry and canned pet foods. What you will find are freezers filled with fresh raw-foods and selected natural dry and canned foods.

Dexter’s philosophy is that what an animal eats (the quality of nutrients, along with proper supplementation) as well as the purity of his environment is the foundation of his overall well-being. By staying as close to the ways of nature, and eliminating harsh chemicals from the diet and environment, we have seen miraculous changes take place in the lives of countless pets, as well as their delighted owners, that we have known through the years. Our healthy pet products consist of the highest quality “human-grade” chemical-free ingredients that are intended to boost your pets’ immune system and keep them strong and resistant to disease and degeneration.



2508 Camino Real #B-2

Del Mar

1229 Camino Del Mar

Courtesy of  Dexter”s Deli Website


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    • Thanks Margarat, I added courtesy of Dexter’s Deli Website and have two links to your site in the article.

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