Einstein, A Dog or a Horse?

Einstein weighed a mere six pounds at birth and is actually a horse, a very rare horse!  Einstein was sold to Rachel Wagner and Charlie Cantrell, who fell in love with the tiny steed the moment they met him.

“He is so well-proportioned,” Charlie says. “It’s almost like somebody put him in a shrink machine and just shrunk him down.”

Rachel says Einstein is too small to hang around other horses, so he befriended Lily, the family’s white boxer. Einstein also wags his tail like a dog when he comes to greet you.

Einstein also has two miniature Nigerian dwarf goats to keep him company, as well as two human nannies who train and take care of him.

Rachel and Charlie are hoping to crown Einstein as the world’s smallest horse. A horse named Thumbelina holds that title today. Thumbelina ia a bit shorter than Einstein, but weighs twice as much as Einstein.  Judges, who is the winner?


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