Dolly the Pit Pull

Courtesy of Dave McDaniel/WESH

Dolly was a stray when she came in to Seminole County Animal Control back in 2009. She was adopted out in June to a couple, but when she was turned back in March 2010, she didn’t look the same.  Dolly was scratched, bloody, and cut in several spots, teeth missing , her mouth so swollen she was unable to eat.

 The owner said she was starting fights with his other dogs, but animal control has a different theory.  They think Dolly was used as possibly a “bait dog” in a dogfighting operation.

 Now Dolly’s healed and Erica Daniel, the shelter worker who intended to foster her, has decided to keep her.  After everything Dolly has been through she is still a very loving dog!

 “I want people to understand what goes on with these dogs. I want people to understand how important it is to adopt shelter dogs,” Daniel said.


 Daniel has made Dolly’s success story into a YouTube video that has already been viewed by thousands and you can find Dolly on Facebook.


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