Gentle Leader-Pain Free Collar

I am not a fan of choker or pinch collars. In fact I do NOT use them and do not like them on any dog! The gentle leader is a great collar for your hard to walk pet and comes in sizes from petite to extra-large. It leads them like a horse, controlling their nose. No pain comes to your pet using this collar and they are not using their body weight to pull you. Your pet can still eat, drink and play.

I got one for my golden retriever and it is fantastic and does not harm or choke your pet! My Lexis, my golden, will walk great around our neighborhood  fine, but take her to a pet store or pet event and she is very unruly pulling me  everywhere. At one of these pet events I had enough and bought a gentle leader for her. The seller was very nice, got me the right size, put it on my dog and gave me a quick training course.

Now Lexis and your dog will not like this at first and try to get it off their nose. Lexis adapted very quickly to the gentle leader, I thought, and the rest of the pet event was a walk in the park. No more pulling. YEAH! So I used it for her daily walking at home. That didn’t go over so big. She refused to walk at all. After several trips like this I just took it off. She walked better without it.

So now I only use it when we go to a pet event or store and to my surprise she is fine with it on. I think she is so stimulated by someplace new she is not thinking about what’s on her nose. I do not use it daily and still she is fine with it when we go out. Every dog is different and may need some time to get used to the gentle leader. Click here to purchase from Amazon or visit Gentle Leader website.

Note: Some people may think you have a vicious dog because uniformed people think it is a type of muzzle.

Photo Credit: tom authur (Golden in picture is not Lexis)

How to use a Gentle Leader


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