Bonding With Your Pet

You have had a long day at work. You come home and your pet has been anxiously awaiting your arrival. Your dog is all over you, wagging his tail and jumping around. First he or she probably needs to go potty outside. If you take your pet for a walk, or the back yard, imagine the smells, sights, and sounds your pet is alert to. This takes bonding with your pet to a whole new level.

Imagine seeing things from your dog’s point of view. Try to rid yourself of the millions of thoughts that invade your mind, like the day’s happenings or things that need to get done. Just be in the moment, even if it is only 10 minutes.

It is time to relax and watch some TV or listen to some music. Your pet is very content and laying by your side. Slowly pet your pet or rub his/her head or belly, whatever is your pet’s favorite. Maybe take off your pets collar and give a gentle neck massage. Dog’s are usually in collars 24/7 and would probably like a break from this thing constantly around their neck. Again just relax in the moment of just being with your pet.

I am a fan of meditation (ongoing process). Do you ever wonder what your pet thinks about while they are lying around? They are not thinking as we do, of course, about work, picking up the kids and what’s for dinner (maybe what’s for dinner). I used to think what a boring way of life, now I use their deep relaxation as an inspiration for my meditation.

Sit on the floor or in a comfortable chair and imagine or watch your pet lying perfectly still. Focus only on your breathing. Visualize breathing in white light through your nose, throat, lungs and down to your stomach. Let it go deep into your pelvis and hold for a moment. Slowly exhale (visualize) the white light go up your back, chest, neck and out through your mouth.

Playing fetch or walking your dog is a great way to bond. But entering into their way of thinking, the way they can totally relax, and seeing things from their eye level is a different level of bonding. Try putting your head at the same level as your pet and see how they see the world around them. This will also benefit your health by relaxing and letting go of the day’s stress, even for just a short time. Notice your pet’s response as you are totally relaxed and your mind is not in a million places. For more about bonding with your pet, a great read is Kindred Spirits by Allen M. Schoen.


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