Doggie Valentine Bandanas

Hi dog lovers!  Looking for a Valentine’s bandana for your furry friend? You can get one for a $1.99 and comes in two sizes, standard and miniature at The Dog Perk.

The Dog Perk started in 2007 by Tony & Amy Waara.  In the early years, the idea was to sell coffee and t-shirts to dog lovers at the dog parks, hence the name Dog Perk.  They have a distinct line of bandanas that are designed and manufactured called FunDog Bandanas sold at wholesale prices. They are sold at fine retailers throughout the United States. 

In addition, they offer low-cost bandanas to Rescue Organizations worldwide to help them in their mission to save and rehome animals in need and now offer custom screenprinting (mostly bandanas), handmade dog biscuits, and a few t-shirts!

Most of their designs are inspired by their three pups, Rodney (Old Man), Abby (Sweet Baby) and Dudley (DougJohn).

                                                                                Rodney, Abby & Dudley

Dog Bandanas, Dog Bandanas, Dog Bandanas


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