ASPCA Free Pet Weather Phone App

PetWeather AppASPCA Mobile App Gives You the Weather With a Side of Cute. We can’t make this winter weather any easier to endure, but we can make it a little more fun to read about—with pet care tips and pictures of really cute animals, of course! Our brand-new “PetWeather” app is totally free, and owners of iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and Android-platform phones can download it now.

PetWeather uses GPS or a zip code you provide to give you a three-day forecast. It’ll tell you how the local weather could affect your furry friends and what steps you should take to protect them. Should the weather become dangerous for your pets, PetWeather will send you an alert to make sure you stay in-the-know.

And if your future looks like a lot of snow, rain and sleet, don’t let it get you down; each forecast comes with an awww-inspiringly adorable animal picture related to the weather. (A Pug in a raincoat? Yes, please.) Plus, once you’ve downloaded PetWeather, you’ll get News Alert sent right to your phone.

To download our free app, visit our PetWeather page at You can download the app right to your phone, or download it to your desktop and load it onto your phone the next time you sync!


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