Fur Shui by Paula Brown

I met Paula Brown yesterday in Del Mar, California. I was waiting patiently for her lecture at Dexter’s Deli. And yes, the title is Fur Shui, not Feng Shui. Fur Shui (Animal Feng Shui) is a book written by Paula. As an Animal Reiki practitioner, I was very excited to hear her talk. Reiki and Feng Shui (energy flowing from one space to another) are both energy practices.

Paula is an Animal Communicator, Fur Shui practitioner, author, teacher and a guest lecturer for holistic and alternative healing organizations and has taught animal communication workshops. She takes referrals from around the world for her successful communications practice, The Heart of Conversation.

Paula Brown graduated from The Black Cat School of the Tibetan Hawaiian Institute of Feng Shui and the Qi Gong program at Emporer’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She studied with Carol Gurney for Animal Communication.

Paula talked about the Chinese New Year, the Year of the metal Rabbit, Bagua chart, and what we can do to use energy for our benefit throughout our house and for our pets. Afterwards I spoke to her a little about Animal Communication, since this sometimes comes with the territory in Animal Reiki. I am developing this and working with Reiki daily. And I won her book, Fur Shui, as a gift!

I am taking what I have learned from Paula Brown and all that I will learn from her book, Fur Shui, and use it in addition to my Reiki practice. (I am just the channel for Reiki energy, the energy comes from the Creator). I love learning about energy and how to use it.  If you want to check out or order Fur Shui, click here.

I will be writing more on alternative medicine and nutrition. Dexter’s Deli was a huge help yesterday as I asked about the best nutrition for my two dogs. My next step is supplemental raw diet and I am looking into alternative flea medications. Did you know garlic is a natural flea medicine, along with other ingredients? If you give your dog straight fresh garlic it is 1 clove per 10 lbs. (I have heard it is toxic for dogs, but not if you give the right amount).

This blog is heading more in the direction of non traditional pet care, natural and herbal remedies and medicines. Follow me on my journey!



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