Volunteering is Tax Deductible

Did you know you can deduct your mileage and any products you buy for volunteering? KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS! Even gas receipts. I recently had my tax return done with some deductible donations and my pet business. The preparer advised even my mileage to pet events I volunteer at is deductible. So now I keep track of every event I go to and the mileage. I walk dogs for a rescue and had to buy a special collar. DEDUCTIBLE!

I attend (volunteer) adoption events at least twice a month. The mileage to these events are deductible. If you do it a lot, it adds up. So keep this in mind, $10 here, $20 there adds up in 12 months. I was volunteering for the joy of helping animals, but if the government is going to give me a break for doing so, who am I to say no!

If you do have a pet business or thinking of starting one, everything from paper towels to your car insurance is deductible. The supplies you use for your home business, such as your home office supplies. Every penny you spend on advertising, any and all supplies related to your business. Your phone bill that is used for business. Again keep those receipts!

Image coutesy of elgin jessica


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