Memorial Handcrafted Pet Urns

I received an email from Matthew Kennedy about his pet urns (and people). He handcrafts his own pottery and tattoos his awesome artwork onto the pottery. Yes, I said tattoos. I checked out his website and I was really impressed. Each urn is unique. Matthew is located in Santa Barbara, California.

The pure energy that comes through his spirit and into his hands creates a centering effect within Matthew and what he makes. The passion he has for the art of tattooing comes though in each piece bringing design inspiration into form. His work is simple and elegant. It gives him great pleasure to bare his soul to you.

Matthew was watching a show called Miami Ink when he got the idea to tattoo on pottery about 3 years ago. He also makes vases and wall hangings from the inspiration of tattooing and does custom tattoos, very much like a tattoo artist.

These exquisite, hand crafted art urns are all hand thrown on the potters wheel and have an exotic wood lid hand turned on a wood lathe to fit each piece. Hand carved rock knobs for each piece glazed to match, with a little bit of glass sprinkled in the bottom. Same day shipping is available. He includes five (5) day UPS ground shipping anywhere in the U.S FREE. Just call Artist Matthew Kennedy anytime to order: 805-765-1113.


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