Pet Airways

Pet Airways was inspired by Zoe, a Jack Russell Terrier, and the brain child of Dan and Alysa. There was simply no safe way for Zoe to comfortably fly with Dan and Alysa. She’s not a big dog. Just a little one. But a little too big to fit under the seat.

On Pet Airways, your pets aren’t packages, they’re Pawsengers.™ And every step of the journey, they are taken care of as if they were family. While Zoe passed on in June 2010, she will forever be the wind beneath their wings. Now from heaven, she’ll have the best view of all flying Pawsengers.™

Dog, cats, and small animals such as guinea pigs or rats can fly. (No  rabbits accepted at this time). Pets are given regular potty breaks and checked every 15 minutes.  Pet carrier is provided and each pet has their own carrier. Within 2 weeks of your pet’s travel date, your vet must certify your pet is healthy enough to fly. You can track your pets’ flight in real time.



RESERVATIONS    Book online or call 1-888-PET-AIRWAYS or call with any questions.




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