Pit Bull Debate:Safe or Dangerous

The kitten is yawning not attacking. See how easy this could be turned around!

In light of the recent “pit bull” attacks reported in San Diego I am again advocating for these dogs. The media puts their own spin on the story making it seem that the dogs attack people out of nowhere. I have never seen a pit bull attack another human being. I am sorry for anyone injured by a pit bull or any other dog. I am not saying it’s not possible, but I am saying it is the owners responsibility to provide the right environment and training for these dogs.  Any dog can be trained to attack. Again owner responsibility!!!

The media does not disclose details of any attack when reported also. Some of the “pit bull” attacks are not even pit bulls. Any dog powerful and muscular gets put into this category. In fact one of the pit bull attacks was actually a german shepherd which you will never hear on the news. But all San Diegans has had an earful lately of the vicious pit bulls that will attack you.  PLAY FIND THE PIT BULL

A Story of How Dogs Are Provoked

Back in the 80’s I had a pit bull named Crunch. He was the family dog and my oldest daughter was 5 years old. I had a good size fenced yard in Missouri. My daughter played with the dog everyday. My house was a route for the young school kids to walk home. Everyday they would hit the wire fence with sticks, throw things and taunt Crunch. I told them repeatedly to stop! One day Crunch decided he had enough and within minutes dug his way out under the fence and went after those kids. Luckily I saw this and ran after my dog before he got to the kids. No one was hurt and then they left my Crunch alone.

If this had been reported in the media, it would have been vicious pit bull attacks school kids.

NBC San Diego Pit Bull Debate Video

One story was of a one year girl who got bit under the eye while the grandmother was feeding the dog and had four other dogs in the house. A family member reports the dog was stupid and aggressive. Who is the stupid one here? Some dogs are food possessive, I don’t know if this is the case here. But why would a one year baby even be near a dog feeding?? Owner responsibility!!! To read these stories click here.

If you are an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner or foster please educate yourself and socialize your pet so you can have a happy well-adjusted dog. These dogs are naturally loving to people (and usually other dogs and animals). They have to be trained to dislike people and fight.

If you take in a rescue, be cautious until you are familiar with the dog’s personality. They are powerful and strong, this is not a debate. There are many myths about Pit Bulls such as they lock their jaws. They cannot lock their jaws. (when my golden has a bone, I cannot pry her mouth open with a crowbar) For other myths see Pit Bull Myths. Another good article to educate anti-pit bull people is Why do Dogs Bite? And finally why Pit Bulls Make Great Pets.

The bottom line is dog owners (all dog owners) understand your dog’s behavior and personality. Socialize, socialize, socialize, exercise, proper diet, shelter and most of all LOVE. Pit bulls are not the only dogs with teeth that bite.

The saddest part of this whole anti-pit bull media frenzy is keeping this misunderstood breed misunderstood. There are thousands, probably millions needing a home everyday, and many will be killed from simply being labeled a killer dog. Please all responsible pittie owners advocate for this breed. Every time you take your dog out to a park or a beach or stroll, you are advocating for this breed.

I live in Southern California and I have seen a pit “get into it”  at an off-leash dog park, nothing serious though. I have been to dog beach many many times, with pits, goldens, dobermans, chows, chihuahuas, great danes, mastiffs, poodles, german shepherds, labs, mutts, shih tzus and miscellaneous other breeds (even a bird) all off-leash and I have never  seen a dog fight! Is it the ocean air or responsible owners?  Maybe a little of both. (it is also a myth pits don’t like water, some do)

The Union Tribune (our local newspaper) is instigating another pit bull debate in San Diego. Please call 1(800)244-6397 ext. 2506 and let them know that we do NOT want pit bulls banned in San Diego County! (It’s all automated.) Press “2” to vote that it’s the owner’s responsibility and not the breed. All STATES WELCOME TO CALL IN. TOLLFREE CALL Thanks!


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