Weekly Wag: Brewers Yeast Supplement

I am starting Weekly Wag, which are tips for cat and dog care. It will consist of pet products, nutrition, training, supplements, health and general pet care on the natural and positive side of life. They will be short and sweet, sent every Monday. I will add links if you want to read more about each Wag.

The first Weekly Wag is about Brewers Yeast supplement. Brewers Yeast and garlic supplement is great for healthy skin and coat and supports immune system. It also repels fleas and ticks. I get mine made by Four Paws with garlic at Kahoots.  One tablet for every 10 pounds for dogs and cats. I even give it to my 7 month old kitten. You can find Brewers Yeast tablets at your local natural/health food pet store. I love shopping online at Amazon for a variety of products. You can read more about this product and purchase at Only Natural Pet Store. My dogs and even cats love it as a treat or can be broken up into food. Also comes in powder form.


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