Weekly Wag: Training With a Cinch Leash

A cinch leash is the kind you see Tia use on Pit Bull and Parolees. This leash is a collar and leash in one that slips over the dog’s head. I have tried all kinds of things to get my foster to walk on a leash. Everything works fine in the house, but when he goes outside it’s a whole new ball game. His focus is everywhere but on me.

I talked to a professional trainer the other day who donates his time to a “bully” rescue. In less than 30 minutes my foster was walking side by side with this trainer and focusing on him. I was in shock and awe, the good kind! He recommends using a Ruff Wear cinch leash, says they are the best. They also have reflective rope for night-time walking.

I love this leash because you are not using force, nor choking the dog out. The leash is simply put over dog’s head and around the neck. This is while you are stationary: If the dog starts to react (to another dog) gently tighten and the dog will step back. As soon as the dog steps back release tension. These types of leashes even have a place for your two fingers (that’s all the tension that is used) to be placed on. The handle is held in the right hand. You are not pulling or yanking the dog back, instead the dog feels the uncomfort and will step back their self. This leash is used at the top of the neck instead of around the middle of the neck as most collars are.

If your dog should continue to pull while walking completely stop. When your dog stops and is calm continue the walk. If your dog gets a little ahead gently tighten until dog is at your side.

I fully support this leash and it will work on your pet, the most stubborn of dogs! It is teaching your pet to make his own behavior choices without force or dominance, my two pet peeves. As always give your dog a treat and/or “atta boy” for his good behavior. What ever you are teaching your pet, please reward good behavior and don’t punish bad behavior! This leash runs about $20 and click here for a review of the leash.


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