Weekly Wag: A Homeless Pet’s Holiday Dream

I am a day late with my Weekly Wag. I hope all had a safe and happy Christmas for humans and pets alike. I volunteer for a dog rescue, so homeless pets are on my mind 365 days a year. There are over a million homeless pets. It is my dream that someday all pets will have a home with a loving family! Until that time I ask that if you want to get a pet, please adopt. If you cannot adopt consider volunteering, sponsoring or fostering for your local shelter, rescue or humane society.

Pet stores buy their dogs from puppy mills. A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs. The dogs are mistreated, uncared for and sometimes killed when they no longer produce pups.

When adopting a puppy or kitty, remember it will grow up. Many animals are put in shelters simply because the family did not think how big the pet will get and other factors that may change their mind after falling in love with that cute face. If you adopt an adult consider how active the pet is, the care and grooming it will need, if the pet will need a large yard to run or a lot of exercise. And most importantly that the adoptive pet will get along with other pets you may have and visa versa. I want you to have a lasting relationship. Please spay and/or neuter the pets you already have to cut down on the homeless pet population!

A great resource for finding adoptive pets of all types, finding rescues and shelters is Petfinder.com. You can search your area by entering your zip code, find the kind of pet you want, male or female, age and breed. Petfinder will bring up a listing of your ideal pet from local rescues and shelters. Please research a pet and do not go simply on the looks.

A Homeless Pet’s Holiday Dream


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