Pet First Healthcare Insurance

Pet Plan is the world’s largest pet insurance provider and currently ranks number one in customer satisfaction by  Pet Plan covers injuries and illnesses for life and there are no dollar or time limits per condition.

PetFirst Healthcare, an innovative leader in pet insurance, offers easy to understand lifelong coverage for dogs and cats. PetFirst’s comprehensive coverage is unique in the industry providing simplified coverage with no per diagnosis limits and premiums unaffected by age, breed or location. The Family Plan from PetFirst allows owners to insure multiple pets under one policy for a fraction of the cost. PetFirst provides reliable customer service and prompt claims reimbursement to complement their healthcare offering.

PetFirst Healthcare currently offers pet insurance in 50 states.

Insurance Details

  • Coverage – See all of our plans presented in a simple table or you can learn about our plans in detail below.
  • Exclusions – Here you can view our exclusions, which help keep our prices low. Be sure to check and see whether an endorsement will cover any exclusion you would like covered.
  • Pet Insurance Riders – View our pet insurance riders, which can be added to plans to bypass some exclusions and get the coverage you want.

Our Plans

  • Custom Pet Insurance – The Custom Policy Creator page is perfect for finding how much a particular plan will cost and for adding riders to your policy.

Buyer’s Guide

PetFirst knows it can be overwhelming to shop for Pet Insurance, which is why we’ve created this buyer’s guide. We are secure enough with the quality of our pet insurance to be honest with you and help find the best option to suit your needs. We have developed the four sections below to help walk you through the process. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.


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