Weekly Wag: Communicating With Your Pet

Most people are familiar with basic communication from our pet(s). The greeting when you come home from work, standing by the door to go potty and standing by the empty water or food bowl. Dogs and cats communicate with body language, sounds, their eyes, tails and facial expression. Our pets are communicating with us the only way they know how.

Have you ever thought of communicating with your pet through telepathy. Professional animal communicators use telepathy to communicate with animals. (I read once all humans had telepathy but it is a lost art). If you want to try to communicate with your pet telepathically, try putting a picture in your head, pets understand pictures better than words. Pets understand one or two word commands but do not completely understand human speech but understand visual images. My dogs understand the words walk and ride. They are up and ready to go. Try asking a simple question like what is their favorite color and see if a color comes to mind. Although pets do not see color as we do.

Take 10 or 15 minutes out of your day and sit quietly with your pet with no distractions. It is better if your pet is in the same room but can be done while your pet is in another room. Empty your mind and be receptive to what your pet is thinking or feeling. Something may come to your or it may not. Trust your intuition, this is a big problem humans have. If you’re serious keep trying every few days, but not too hard. Try to let it come naturally. If you are used to meditating, this will come to you more easily. This will create a deeper bond between you and your pet!

When talking to your pet use a gentle or normal tone of voice. I know sometimes we get aggravated with our pets but try never to yell at them. (OK, this is bizarre! My kitten who sits by the computer just pushed my glass of tea over all over the desk. Did she know what I just typed?)

If you work with rescues or shelter pets, don’t say to them, “I am not going to harm you”. The pet will pick up on the word harm. Say “You are safe”. The pet picks up on the word safe. Pets understand a lot more than they are given credit for. Pets usually pay a lot more attention to humans than vice versa. My golden retriever will always follow me no matter what room I go into. She is always paying attention to me! One of my other dogs always watches me with his eyes. Whenever I move he is looking at me.

Cats do not meow at each other. They may hiss at each other. When a cat meows he is talking to his human.

Pets do pick up on our energy whether positive or negative!


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