My Furry Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day

OK San Diegans, ready for unconditional love for Valentine’s Day? The San Diego Humane Society has a deal for you, from now until February 14th all adoption fees are just $14. See all the Valentines here. Shelter pets are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots. They have bunnies, too.

Please be responsible pet owners and make sure you have the time and resources to take care of a pet. Some things you want to consider is how big will the pet get, will the pet fit into your lifestyle (active or couch potato). The grooming a pet would require. If you have pets at home, will the new addition be welcome.

Many people get a new puppy or kitten because they are adorable and don’t take into consideration the work, time or expense involved. Help keep the homeless population down by being a responsible pet owner and realize this is a lifetime commitment and not just till the pet grows up or ends up being more than you bargained for. Ask questions, get to know the breed and what is involved.

Shelter pets are great loving loyal pets that love you unconditionally. I find it very impressive that usually no matter what a pet has been through they will love a human as if they have been treated like a king or queen all their life!


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