Weekly Wag: The Cat’s House

Is your cat happy and comfortable in his/her surroundings? Cats love to be up high and have their own space. If you have multiple cats or cats and dogs, cats are very independent creatures and need their own space, their own “get-a-away”. This can resolve most pet behavior issues also. Cats need something to play with also, most of them. I found too that household objects work well than spending a bundle on cat toys. My cats love hair ties and soda cap tops. I bought a $10 small dog house for my Shih Tzu at Rite Aid, now my kitten, 9 months, uses it for her cat house.

Make sure your cat has a way to get up high in your house. I have turned a shelf unit into a cat shelf. My cats kept knocking over my knick knacks on my shelf so I removed them and put pet blankets on two shelves, so they each have their own shelf. If your cat scratches up your furniture, try using a scratching post. Put the scratching post where the cat is scratching. (put catnip on it if cat does not take to the post) One of my cats refused to use a post, but loves the cardboard scratching post. (please do not declaw them, this is equal to a human cutting off your knuckle).

There are many places to buy cat furniture (cat trees) or you can make your own inexpensively. Cardboard boxes or old furniture can be turned into cat furniture with a hole for entrance, or plastic crates with bedding. You can make a cat cage (cat condo) out of wire and PVC pipe. There is also cat furniture to go with your decor.

There is a house in San Diego that has completely gone to the cats!

Just because you have cats doesn’t mean you have to live like a ‘crazy cat lady’. You can even purchase litter box concealers so your litter box isn’t an eye sore. For the smell I recommend baking soda. You can buy cat litter with baking soda in it, but I find that actually putting baking soda mixed with cat litter works better.

Cats love to sit in window seals and catch some rays. Have a way to for your cat to get in a window seal, such as a cat perch or have a way to check out the outdoors if you have an indoor cat.  (if you live in an upstairs apartment please make sure window is secure)

You do not need to spend a lot of money to cat proof your house. Use your imagination and old furniture or items you have around the house. Cats do not know the difference between a $200 cat tree or one made by you or a friend!

Start socializing your cat as soon as possible with other cats, dogs, people. When bringing a new cat into your home, whether kitten or adult, give them their own room or space for at least 24 hours and introduce other pets slowly.


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