$20 Cat Neuter and $25 Cat Spay on March 11th ! Oceanside (San Diego County, CA)

Spay Neuter Action Project (SNAP)

San Diego County,  CA

Kitten Season is coming soon, so “Beat the Heat” by getting your cats fixed so their kittens don’t end up in shelters or without homes.

Thanks to a generous grant, SNAP is offering $25 female cat spay and $20 male cat neuter on SNAP’s Neuter Scooter in North County (Oceanside) on Sunday, March 11th for those needing financial assistance (see eligibility below). By appointment only. Details such as location of the event will be given upon appointment.

If you can’t make the March 11th date or location, there are other SNAP clinics being offered at the $30 neuter/$40 spay price for cats. Please refer to the SNAP website for the clinic schedule and pricing information under the “Services” heading: http://www.snap-sandiego.org

Cats (including feral cats) will be seen by appointment only. Space is limited, so if you bring your cat to the clinic without an appointment, we have to turn you away! Our clinics fill up quickly and appointments are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. You MUST call 866-SPAY BUS / (866)-772-9287 for your appointment. There will be stand-by appointments after all the reserved spots are filled. Multiple cats from the same household are welcome.

This time of year cats are going into heat and will be pregnant soon. Cats can get pregnant at 4 months and can get pregnant again while nursing. Call 619-525-3047 for more information. Make sure your cat isn’t adding to the thousands of homeless kittens in San Diego County!

Neuter Scooter Eligibility

SNAP follows WIC guidelines for assistance to determine whether people qualify to use the Neuter Scooter. Please check the table below to see if you qualify for use of the Neuter Scooter. If you don’t fall into these income categories but would still like to get your pet(s) spayed/neutered at a low fee, please give us a call at 1-866-SPAYBUS (1-866-772-9287). SNAP can refer you to a veterinarian offering reduced spay/neuter fees. You may also qualify for a rebate coupon to help you with the cost of having your pet(s) altered.

Neuter Scooter Eligibility Guidelines
No. of Persons in Household Total Combined Annual Income No More Than
1 $20,036
2 $26,955
3 $33,874
4 $40,793
5 $47,712
6 $54,631
7 $61,550
8 $68,469
9 $75,338

Please include the following information when you leave your message to make an appointment.
Speaking slowly, please give:
your full name
telephone including area code
address with zip code
pet sex – Male or Female
pet name
repeat telephone number including area code

Please speak slowly and clearly. A SNAP volunteer will return your call. Spay, don’t litter! Thank you for helping the cause of no more homeless pets.


2 thoughts on “$20 Cat Neuter and $25 Cat Spay on March 11th ! Oceanside (San Diego County, CA)

  1. My name is Tracy Covington and i live in Brooklyn Maryland a women named ms. Rose nuetered my cat and im trying to get in touch with her so she could get my female cat spayed. Please let me know when the nueter scooter comes to Brooklyn MD. Thank you

    Sincerely yours

    Tracy Covington

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