Valentine’s Rescue Story


Valentine today      3/15/12

The story of how she was abused and tortured.

Valentine is only about 10 months old. The vet said her other front paw is also broken but she walked in on it looking for someone to help her and her skull has been crushed with a large rock too.  Teeth have also been knocked out.  Injuries happened about 2 days ago and she showed up with electric tape wrapped around her muzzle.  The only thing in her tummy was dirt and rocks that she ate before someone taped her mouth shut and hit her over the head and eye with and large rock and then dragged her behind a car by a thin nylon rope around her paw until it was almost cut off.  We 1st thought she was used as a bait dog for a dog fighting ring but there were no bite marks on her so all her injuries were done by Mankind!  Even with all her injuries she has never even once shown any signs of aggression and has even wagged her tail when she knew we were there to help her. She only weighs 33 lbs and that is with rocks and dirt in her tummy. Even with this shocking abuse she has lived in the hands of a human, she still loves mankind! We just can’t let her down now! Cases like this has to be where the phrase “Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are” came from.

If anyone  would like to donate towards her vet bill, they can either go to this web site and Pay Pal a donation:  or make a donation by calling the vet office which is:  The Bear Valley Animal Hospital at (760)240-5228  I don’t know how to do the fund raiser thing on facebook yet or much else on  it yet either so if anyone else could do that for Valentine it would be so helpful!

Sounds of Silent Spirits/Helping Paws
Web site:

Sounds of Silent Spirits Rescue wishes to thank all of the people who have already made donations to support the rescue and rehabilitation of Valentine, a pit bull who was horribly tortured. When we find an animal bound in tape, one paw severed, covered in road rash, it shakes your faith in humanity. But the support that has already come in for this dog is overwhelming.


Valentine is doing wonderful and loves being the center of everyone’s attention everywhere she goes. Of course she is quite humble by her adoring friends. She will be with us at the Paws and Claws Pet Fair at Community Park in Apple Valley, CA next Saturday Sept. 8th, 10am-3pm.

Valentine Walks on Her New Prosthetic

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So Much Love for Valentine (


6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Rescue Story

  1. I called the animal hospital, Valentine is doing great. She is waiting for a prosthetic paw. Her eye was saved. She will probably be at the hospital for another month after she receives her paw. Dogs are so awesome! After all that Valentine is so loving!

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