New Blood Test Screen for K9 Cancer

Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, Inc. (VDI) has released a simple blood test that screens for canine cancer in the apparently healthy dog – the INCaSe canine cancer screen. INCaSe (Initial Notification Cancer Screen) is performed as part of a routine wellness visit to detect cancer early or confirm that the dog is cancer free.

According to the Canine Cancer Foundation and Humane Society the US has an estimated 78 million owned dogs. Nearly 1/3 of those are diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime and half over the age of 10 will die from the disease. Often, cancer is discovered in later stages when treatment options are limited and costly. Sadly, the diagnosis of cancer typically ends poorly.

VDI has developed an ultra-sensitive and highly specific test that detects malignant growth before any overt signs of disease are apparent. By detecting cancer early, more effective treatment options are typically available.

Pet owners are recommended to use INCaSe during wellness visits when the dog is over the age of 5, or any age if they are a high-risk breed.

About Veterinary Diagnostics Institute
Veterinary Diagnostics Institute (VDI) is a specialty diagnostics company that provides veterinary reference laboratory services and in-house diagnostic products. VDI is dedicated to the research and development of innovative biomarkers to assist veterinarians in the diagnostic workup of companion animals. Stay informed by visiting VDI on Facebook or at


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