Weekly Wag: Holistic vs.Traditional Veterinarians

Just like people,  a pet’s good health starts with genetics, diet and exercise. As technology advanced, veterinarians advanced and some personal touch was lost (no more house calls). For pets with more serious injuries mainstream veterinarians are hard to beat. When owners take their pets to traditional vets, some will only look at the symptoms to prescribe a treatment. Mainstream veterinarians “wellness” care involves taking your pet in for a check up to see if there is a problem or illness and keeping up to date on shots. Holistically speaking, “wellness” is keeping your pet from getting an illness or disease.

Veterinarians that specialize in holistic medicine feel that there is a better way and most were once mainstream vets.  They have shifted their focus to an older style of care. They look at physical and emotional problems as pieces of a larger puzzle and may spend more time with your pet. In the holistic view, pets get sick because something happened that allowed external factors to cause illness.

Using cancer as example, mainstream vets fight it with drugs, radiation, or chemotherapy. While a holistic vet uses herbs, diet, acupressure, and other natural treatments to strengthen the immune system. The idea is to help the body heal itself. Natural remedies are often used in conjunction with traditional veterinarian treatments. Natural remedies tend to have wider-ranging and long-term effects on emotions, various organs, and even on the personality unlike drugs that treat the immediate symptom and may have side effects.

Veterinarians usually study for 8 to 10 years before receiving their D.V.M. (doctor of veterinary medicine). For holistic a vet, that is just the beginning, they continue their education with such things as acupressure, chiropractor, and homeopathy. There are some professionals that don’t have a D.V.M. but are specialized in herbs, flower essences, massage therapy or Reiki. Usually these are joined practices including two or more and the professional is certified in each of these areas.

It will depend on your situation and personal beliefs about what kind of veterinarian to take your pet to. Whichever you choose your pet care provider should be caring and listen to your concerns and not rush you through to get to the next patient. My personal experience with main stream vets is non-caring and run through as quickly as possible. There are some that are caring, but have met more in the way of getting you in and out as quickly as possible.

I have chosen to use natural products, watch their diet, exercise, and of course lots of love for my pets in order to prevent an illness. I am certified to practice Reiki (life force or Universal energy) and use it to maintain their health as well as treat illness. I also use other forms of holistic remedies. From a Reiki point of view illness in people or animals is because of an energy block somewhere in the body. Stress is a huge factor causing illness or disease, an alternative and scientific view.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wag: Holistic vs.Traditional Veterinarians

  1. I am not a veterinarian. Check with vet before administering any treatment. Internal yeast infections can be treated with, according to The Earth Clinic, founded by an expert in natural remedies, (http://www.earthclinic.com/Pets/yeast_infections_dogs4.html), is plain organic yogurt. A medium-sized dog should eat 1 cup of yogurt daily. The probiotics in the yogurt will help destroy the yeast in the dog. Generally, dogs like yogurt and will eat it mixed in their food. Avoid yogurt with sugar added. Yeast naturally eats sugar, and this will only make the yeast problem worse and take the dog longer to heal. Adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water bowl may help. The recommended amount starts with 2 tablespoons. I have given my dog yogurt (with live cultures) and raw apple cider vinegar for other issues. I mixed the raw apple cider vinegar with my dog’s kibble. My dogs loved the yogurt.

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