Five Things a New Puppy Needs

Animal Lovers, I have a guest blogger today, Brenda Lyttle, with her first post .

Just as you make an effort in making your newborn feel as comfortable as possible in their home, bringing a new pup home is more or less the same. To ensure that your little canine friend is looked after well and feels comfortable, you need to buy a few things that actually make them feel at home rather than at an alien place that they hate. Given below are the five things that you may want to buy to cater to the most basic needs of your new pup:

  1. An Old Blanket – When you are bringing a new pup home, ask the breeder for an old blanket that smells of the litter-mates so that your little friend can have something familiar when it reaches new surroundings.
  2. Cuddling – The first few nights are hard for the pup. It spends it days with you but when night falls and everyone is fast asleep, the pup misses the warmth of people or siblings around. Cuddle the puppy during the day. Do not cuddle pup when he cries at night, that will only teach him (like a baby) that he will be rewarded for crying. Put a soft chew toy and/or stuffed toy for the puppy to cuddle with. So, be prepared to spend a few sleepless nights. It is a good idea to buy a crate for your pup. This will help with potty training, give the pup a safe place to go and help when your dog needs to be transported.
  3. Veterinarian – You need the address and phone number of a good vet. Visit him as soon as you get the pup. He or she will give you a chart for its shots and diet that you should follow. This is essential for the pup’s good health. Also, having the number handy is essential in times of emergency as a new pup can have a lot of accidents, especially when it begins to grow accustomed to its surroundings and becomes playful.
  4. Food – Get the best food that is available. It should not contain artificial flavoring, filler materials, wheat gluten, sugar. The pup’s food should have a good nutritional value. If you have to change the pup’s food, then make the transition slowly so as to avoid any digestive disorders. Mix one-fourth of the new food with three-fourths of the old food for 3-4 days. Change it to half new and half old food for the next 3-4 days and finally you can begin giving it the new food completely. Keep checking your pup’s stool during these days of transition and talk to the vet immediately if you find any problems with the stool. Also remember that his breed, size and age determines the nutritional content of the food. Your vet will be able to guide you on this.
  5. Supplies – Your pup needs the following supplies from the very first day.

(a)    Chewable Toys – Puppies love to play with toys and chew whatever they can find. Buy toys that are chewy and safe.

(b)   Food And Water Bowl – Your pup needs a separate water and food bowl from the 1st day. He will begin to identify with these items.

(c)     Leashes and Collars – Ask a dog trainer about the kind of leash and collar that your pup will need. All dogs and pups, whatever their size, need to be walked every day. I do not recommend a choker or prong collar as this can cause aggressive behavior.

(d)   Dog Bed – This is not an essential but you can put your pup’s old blanket on this bed. It will be your pup’s own space where it will retreat when it needs to be alone or to rest.

All said and done, you need to have infinite patience and humor when you bring a new pup home. It will make mistakes and you will have to be patient till it gets over them. For those who want to travel that extra mile getting them dog halloween costumes is a great idea. It is fun to dress up our dogs. Remember they are dogs and not little people, even though they are so cute dressed up!

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