Weekly Wag: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Commercial Pet Food

This is not a promotion, but to educate owner’s about your pet food ingredients.

I was contacted by Life’s Abundance pet food to promote their dog food on my site. (this is not the promotion) I viewed their website and found this informative video about pet food ingredients I wanted to share with you, no matter what brand you use. I was very impressed with their holistic dog and cat food. More importantly, this is a great video for all pet owners to educate you about what is in your pet food. Do you know what by-products are? What is the source of protein? Is your pet food preserved with chemicals? Corn, wheat and soy are highly indigestible for pets.

I have read a lot about pet nutrition, and like most things everyone has an opinion. The more I read the more it was confusing about what is best to feed my pets. This video is clear-cut and gets to the point of what is good and bad in pet food. I have told pet owners for some time on the dangers of corn in dog food, which most of them contain and is a top or main ingredient. BAD, BAD, BAD I believe the poor ingredients in pet food is the reason for cancer, illnesses and allergies in many of our pets.

I started learning about nutrition when my Shih Tzu had allergies and trying this and that in her diet. Corn was her biggest problem, she is now on a grain-free kibble diet. However, I give her rice I cook myself and she is not allergic. Brown rice is better for your pets than white rice and some strongly advise against any rice in a pet diet. Some say dogs do not need vegetables. Have you ever seen a dog graze? Actually, yes, I sometimes see my dogs eat grass, I heard this is a way to soothe an upset stomach. In the wild, dogs eat the stomach content from the animals they prey upon (plant eaters). Domestic dogs have similar requirements. Most high-end dog food has vegetables and fruits as ingredients.

Many holistic veterinarians believe that cancer in dogs usually results from a weakened immune system. (Most illnesses stem from a weak immune system).

Note: I often see garlic on DO NOT EAT lists for pets. This is not the case. Garlic is nature’s antibiotic and often called nature’s wonder drug; flea repellent, appetite loss, and heartworms. Garlic repels mosquitoes, cleanses the blood and strengthens the immune system.  It helps stabilize blood pressure, keeping at bay infections of various sorts particularly upper respiratory tract infections. It is rich in potassium, zinc, vitamins A and C, and selenium. It also contains calcium, manganese, copper, vitamin B1 and some iron. Dogs over 15 pounds can have 1/4 tsp a day, finely chopped or pressed into their food. Smaller dogs can have 1/8 tsp a day. Cats can have 1/8 tsp a day for 2 weeks at a time.

Whatever you feed your pets, whether kibbles, raw or home cooked serve them a balanced diet. Different pets will like different things just like humans. My golden is like a garbage disposal and will eat just about anything. Even though she is well fed, she will pick up anything off the ground to eat. Please do not feed them corn as in Beneful and many other brands of kibble! 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition does not mean HEALTHY! Watch for artificial coloring and preservatives!


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