Weekly Wag: Doggie Street Festival

Hello animal lovers! Last week I had technical difficulties, my computer said I need a break! So we both took one.

Yesterday I went to the 4th Annual Doggie Street Festival in Ocean Beach (San Diego). Doggie Street Festival was launched in 2009 as a positive and direct effort to help dogs find homes, increase public awareness surrounding responsible adoption options and decrease random overpopulation by encouraging conscientious pet guardianship, care and spay/neuter advantages.

The weather was great, lots of venders, info, samples, doggies, kitties and people! And my favorite strawberry funnel cake. YUM YUM! There was everything from doggy portraits to doggy soap among the many many homeless dogs and cats. There were even little doggy sun visors, very cute! Big dogs, little dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs and dogs with spots. There were some cats, but dogs ruled the festival. Doggie Street Festival (DSF) is dedicated to increasing dog and now – cat adoption through its yearly Festival.

Last year 130 doggies found new homes on Festival Day!!!

The event is designed to be an informative experience that promotes public awareness and educates on issues of responsible adoption, foster, spay/neuter and conscientious pet guardianship. If YOU would like to help please contact us TODAY. Together we can make a difference. Help Us Add More Cities. There will be a Doggie Street Festival in Los Angeles June 24th, 9am-4pm and one in San Francisco August 26th 9am-4pm. Our hope is that someday there will be no need for this Festival because collectively as a society we will have solved the tragedy of pet abuse, neglect and homelessness.

Hollywood, Buckie, Katrina

My daughter and I brought home a new foster from Holly’s Garden. Odie is a two-year old Shih Tzu/Maltese mix. Holly’s Garden is a small breed non-profit rescue created in memory of  Hollywood. Our goal is to give love and life to small breed dogs of her kind as well as educating the community in proper animal care.

I want to share with you The Honest Kitchen. They make dehydrated, human-grade natural dog food and natural cat foods. Their recipes are made with love, in a human food facility (not in a pet food plant) for the highest possible quality standards. Dehydration is a gentle technique that removes only the moisture and retains most natural nutrients found in fresh, raw, whole food ingredients. Simply rehydrate their foods with warm water to create an instant meal. I’ll let you know how my doggy likes her sample.

And check out Blue Dog Bakery, who has baked healthy treats since 1998 with 100% pure and natural ingredients. They make their treats with the highest quality ingredients to ensure they are safe. No animal by-products, artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives – just high quality bakery ingredients that taste doggone good. My doggies loved them, even my picky Shih Tzu!


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