Weekly Wag: Does Your Dog Have ESP?

My daughter’s dog, Heidi, knows when my daughter is coming home and when she is going to wake up. Heidi is our rescued Shih Tzu, rescued at 3 years old, now 6. I noticed after about the first 6 months Heidi was “special”. (It took some time to get her over her abandonment and abuse issues). She always seemed more “sensitive” than the our other pets. Sensitive in the sense that she would pick up on human feelings more than the other pets. Heidi will sit on the couch by the back door, where my daughter enters at different times, before she comes home. Before any vehicle pulls up that she can hear.

My daughter has a doggy gate across her bedroom door. When Heidi is not in her room when my daughter is sleeping, she will bark to get in, my daughter will wake up soon after, 10-15 minutes later. You’re thinking the bark woke her up. Heidi’s bark is very soft and my daughter can sleep through anything!

J. B. Rhine, who later became known as the father of parapsychology, joined Duke University’s faculty to pursue research into ESP and psychic phenomena. Rhine and his wife conducted a number of experiments related to the potential paranormal abilities of animals. In his book Extra-Sensory Perception, published in 1934, Rhine stated: ” The number of reported cases on animal ESP is large enough to suggest that animals can somehow be affected by circumstances they could not be aware of by any sensory sign and which one would suppose they could hardly understand in human terms.”

Cover of "Dogs That Know When Their Owner...

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, biologist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and ten books, including Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals, believes that dogs, animals, have ESP.

Journal of Scientific Exploration 14, 233-255 (2000) by Rupert Sheldrake and Pamela Smart


Many dog owners claim that their animals know when a member of the household is about to come home, showing their anticipation by waiting at a door or window. We have investigated such a dog, called Jaytee, in more than 100 videotaped experiments. His owner, Pam Smart (PS) traveled at least 7 km away from home while the place where the dog usually waited for her was filmed continuously. The time-coded videotapes were scored “blind”. In experiments in which PS returned at randomly-selected times, Jaytee was at the window 4 per cent of the time during the main period of her absence and 55 percent of the time when she was returning (p<0.0001). Jaytee showed a similar pattern of behavior in experiments conducted independently by Wiseman, Smith & Milton (1998). When PS returned at non-routine times of her own choosing, Jaytee also spent very significantly more time at the window when she was on her way home. His anticipatory behaviour usually began shortly before she set off. Jaytee also anticipated PS’s return when he was left at PS’s sister’s house or alone in PS’s flat. In control experiments, when PS was not returning, Jaytee did not wait at the window more and more as time went on. Possible explanations for Jaytee’s behavior are discussed. We conclude that the dog’s anticipation may have depended on a telepathic influence from his owner.

The full text version of this paper is available in the following formats html full text …   pdf format

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