Weekly Wag: Pick Your Price During Kitten Season

Pick Your Purrfect Price!

Adopters can name the adoption fee for any cat or kitten at one of the participating animal shelters now through Friday, August 31st!

Pick your Purrfect priceWe’re in the midst of Kitten Season, which means there are hundreds of cats and kittens in San Diego that need loving homes.

To find homes for the rising number of cats in our care, and to bring awareness to the issue of pet overpopulation, the San Diego Humane Society, the San Diego County Department of Animal Services and the Rancho Coastal Humane Society are offering a “Pick Your Purr-fect Price” promotion.

YOU can name the adoption fee for any cat or kitten!

We rescued Baby Rey last year in memory of my friend, Aida Reyes (5/9/11). Aida humanely caught feral (wild) cats to be spayed or neutered through the Feral Cat Coalition in San Diego, CA. Aida was very ill  from cancer  and one cat was not caught and had a litter. Aida left this earth when Rey was 8 weeks old. Rey is by my side now as I write as is she is most of the time.

Baby Rey

Duke & Rey

Duke & Rey

As you can see I grew up with dogs, I have a golden and shih tzu sibling. Duke was my foster brother, he has a furever home now. I believe I am a dog, when mom calls the dogs for treats, I am right there in line. I would like you to help my feline friends and tell you how important it is to spay or neuter your cat. Please see if you have a feral cat program in your neighborhood! My four brothers and sisters all have homes, but many are not so lucky. -Rey (AKA Baby Rey, Aida Reyes)

Lexis,Heidi,Duke,Rey & Cleo

To take advantage of the “Pick Your Purr-fect Price” promotion, visit one of the following participating shelters:

San Diego Humane Society
Central Campus, 5500 Gaines Street, San Diego

San Diego Humane Society
North Campus, 572 Airport Road, Oceanside

County of San Diego Dept. of Animal Services
5480 Gaines Street, San Diego

County of San Diego Dept. of Animal Services 
5821 Sweetwater Road, Bonita

County of San Diego Dept. of Animal Services
2481 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad

Rancho Coastal Humane Society
389 Requeza Street, Encinitas

Available for Adoption


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