Villalobos and Hurricane Isaac

I wanted to reblog this from Animal Planet’s blog about Villalobos Rescue Center. Many of you are familiar with Tia from Pit Bulls and Parolees. Villalobos (village of wolves) moved from Southern California (LA County) to New Orleans at the end of last year (2011).

Hurricane Isaac came on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The New Orleans location of Villalobos is fine with the exception of some flooding but it didn’t affect the dogs.

Post Isaac: The Latest From Villalobos


For the past several days the team over at the Villalobos Rescue Center has been preparing for Hurricane Isaac. We were able to catch up with Tia and members of the Villalobos team who have been gracious enough to provide us with minute-by-minute updates before, during and after Isaac.

The Villalobos Rescue Center is featured in the Animal Planet series Pit Bulls and Parolees, which returns to the network on October 6th at 10PM E/P.

August 28th – 5:28PM

So flooding is a way of life out here (beats wildfires) thus the reason why we have a couple of boats and vehicles with big huge tires.  If it floods REALLY bad then the satellite houses will have to evac also to the evac center.  I’ve already decided that we’re evacuating the Cheech and Chong house because the river is already coming up.  So you may see pics of dogs in boats that I can take 🙂

In New Orleans, we’ve simply moved all of the dogs upstairs to rooms that are up on a second level and they will stay there until the storm blows past. Things are about to get very interesting… – Tia

August 28th 10:30PM

Right now the hurricane is stalled. For whatever reason it’s kinda just sitting so New Orleans and we are not getting the major brunt of it. The New Orleans warehouse has lost power and Tania said it’s really humid so I think they’re setting up some generators to at least get some fans going.

We don’t have generators out here by the river so we have all cranked up our A/C’s to like 60 degrees in order to freeze the houses out so if the power goes out at least it will stay cool inside for awhile.  Meanwhile, I’m shivering 🙂 – Tia

August 29th 8:23AM

We are getting the beginning of it now and the Cheech and Chong house just took a hit. The neighbor’s tree just took out our new fence so it looks like we’ll be busy in the next couple of weeks (damn and we just built that thing!). Our power is fading off and on but I don’t think its as hot as it is in New Orleans.  Right now we’re keeping on eye on the river but according to the news this is just the start and its a VERY VERY slow storm so it will take all day and into the night to leave us. *ugh* – Tia  

August 30th – 10:06AM

A member of Tia’s crew ‘swims’ over to Tia’s jeep ready to start the day’s rescue efforts.


August 30th 10:30AM 

The morning’s first rescue: Tia and her crew find a blind border collie wandering in the water. Up into the jeep he goes!


August 30th, 2:07PM 

Found this cutie trying to swim down the road. Her name…Katrina the pot belly pig. – Tia


August 30th, 2:13PM

Mariah and a small team arrive via rowboat to help rescue animals.


The extent of the damage to Villalobos Rescue Center is unknown. However, the entire family remains safe. Wet, frustrated, but safe. Tia is out there doing what she does best – helping others. Not even a hurricane could stop her! For the latest on the Villalobos recovery effort LIKE the Villalobos Rescue Center Facebook page.

If you would like to make a general donation please visit


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