Meditate With Your Dog

I try to meditate in the mornings before I get going and my head gets all cluttered with the days activities. The problem was that I had dogs jumping on my bed, licking me in the face and bringing me their dog toy. I thought why not include them in my meditation instead of trying to get them to leave me alone, which defeats the whole purpose of being in my zen moment.

I have studied different types of meditation for some time now. The fact is you don’t need a special room, special music or incense or a candle burning to meditate. You don’t have to meditate for an hour at a time or sit perfectly still. Did you know there is even ‘walking’ meditation? Meditation is about being in the moment as dogs are most of the time. You see them lying around a lot. Do you wonder what they think about? I do.

Dogs aren’t thinking about work, bills, kids or the car that needs a tune-up. We can all take a lesson from our canine family and just ‘be’ in the moment! If meditating is a stretch for you, just try sitting quietly with your pet as long as you can, just focusing on your pet. (I focus on my breath, westerners breath very shallow instead of healthy deep breathing)

I searched the internet as usual when interested in a subject and came across James Jacobson, author of How to Meditate with Your Dog. Every site I looked at came back to this man and his book. Check out James’ website And he is on Facebook.

James meditated since he was a child. He is an author and entrepreneur of several businesses. He got a Maltese puppy named Maui. James started meditating with Maui when she jumped in his lap one day and they began their ritual together. James thinks meditation helped when Maui recovered from SARD (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration),  a disease that causes permanent blindness.

James Jacobson offers these tips to get started:

  • Start by sitting or lying with your dog.
  • Place one hand on the dog’s chest and another on his back near his hindquarters.
  • Notice your dog’s breathing and mimic it.
  • Breathe together for as little as a few minutes or as long as you’re both comfortable.

James goal in writing this book is to get humans to meditate. As he pointed out and I am guilty of as well, people will do anything for their dogs. I learned about human nutrition & holistic remedies from studying pet nutrition and pet holistic care. Dogs and people are more alike than many people realize.

What are the scientific benefits of human meditating?

  • better health
  • slow aging process
  • more happiness
  • more calm
  • increase confidence
  • develop intuition
  • heal ‘mental’ blocks

What are the benefits for your pooch?

  • calms excitable dogs
  • enhances training
  • increases human/animal bond
  • helps relieve separation anxiety
  • benefits health

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