Grooming Your Golden

I groom my golden retriever myself. I don’t need a groomer for her grooming needs. She is just a regular California golden. She is a lot easier than our high maintenance shih tzu! I trim my golden more so than most people because she goes to the beach a lot and gets quite messy. She loves to roll in the sand after being wet, too. Ugh!

I have come across several golden owners lately that have let their dog’s hair under their ears become very matted. You need to pay special attention to the underneath hair of a golden’s ears. This hair becomes matted quickly if not properly brushed. I use a comb to brush underneath my golden’s ears. Badly matted hair can cause health issues and actually grow into their skin if left unbrushed for a long period.

In the video below it says to shave the paw pads. I do not shave her pads but I do trim her hair very close around and under her paws and in between her toes. I do this for the beach problem, not because she has to look ‘neat’. I keep her hair underneath her belly trimmed to about 2 inches long. (that is a real mess at the beach) Her legs from the knee down are trimmed to about an inch. I trim her hair from the knee up about an inch and her tail. I also trim under her tail on her hind quarters down to about an inch. I do not shave her as I love her hair. I also trim her nails myself about once a month.

Any dog should be bathed at least once a month, more if you get muddy, sandy, etc. Bathing more than once a week can dry out their skin. (Oatmeal shampoo is good for sensitive skin).

I use to walk a golden, Phoebe, who had a unique kind of cut. This is the only golden I have personally seen shaved. Her mom liked to color her mohawk pink. Her brother, Max, springer spaniel is with her. Max stayed shaved, too,  except for his ears.


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