Weekly Wag: Pudsy in Greyhound Land

I rescued a greyhound/great dane (?) mix, Pudsy, about 4 weeks ago from my local groomer. I took the little white dog, Odie, in to get groomed and came home with this small horse! Odie is a foster dog from Holly’s Garden.

Pudsy’s owner had Alzheimer and couldn’t take care of her any longer. 😦 A friend of Pudsy’s owner relinquished her to the owner of the groomers in hopes of finding her a home. The groomers owner, after weeks of searching for a home with no luck, was going to put her in a shelter. This is the day that Odie went to the groomer.

So she came home with me and Odie that day. After many calls, posting on Facebook and the help of an experienced rescuer, she was accepted at Greyhound Adoption Center on September 29th. Most of the dogs here are ex-racing dogs. GAC is a very loving, large and well taken care of facility.

Pudsy was a joy to have and I took her to dog beach several times, she loves the water. She would hop through the water like a giant bunny and chase after my golden. It was a sight to behold. She really bonded with my golden. Pudsy also loved to cuddle. You would be surprised at how a 100 lb dog can curl up into the tiniest space! Surprisingly, they make great apartment dogs. I am happy for the time I spent with her, but she needs a huge yard to run in and a lot of food!

Darren is the owner of GAC, is very nice and has an air of peacefulness and patience about him. He met with Pudsy earlier and was given a behavior test which she passed with flying colors. GAC includes a huge agility course which is also rented out to help pay the bills.

GAC is beautifully nestled in a country setting with a mountain as their backdrop making this rescue truly serene! As soon as we got there Darren gave Pudsy a bath and she ran around their huge yard. I brought my golden, Lexis, and shih tzu, Heidi to say good-bye.

Pudsy will be easy to place with her gentle and friendly disposition. She is also cat friendly, always a plus for adoption. My nickname for her was ‘gentle giant’. I miss her but know she will have a new forever home soon.

Pudsy Adapting to her New (temp) Home


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wag: Pudsy in Greyhound Land

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