Holistic Pet Event in Beautiful Balboa Park

Balboa Park Koi Pond

I went to the adopt-a-thon and holistic pet fair yesterday in beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego, next to the San Diego Zoo. Balboa Park is 12,000 acres of grand old architecture, museums, local artists, flower, plant & cactus gardens and several water fountains; dog park, cultural center, playground, merry-go-round and much more!

Sadly, very few people came out, especially for Balboa Park. People come out everyday to stroll with kids and/or pets waltzing through the beautiful landscape. There were only a handful of rescue organizations and few businesses, The Honest Kitchen and My Perfect Pet Food were there. Poor doggies looking for their forever home. 😦

This event was sponsored by Kindred Spirit Animal Ministry. My golden and shih tzu did get a blessing! Now they are truly blessed!

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It’s the Pits, Holly’s Garden, Barking Lot and Humane Society of Tijuana were some of the Rescues there. I met Shelley from Learn Homeopathy Now. She has over 20 years experience in homeopathic remedies. She developed DVD homeopathic and Bach flower essence courses you can take in the privacy of your home and become certified. What I have discovered and she also stated, if you make it for the pets, people will come. When I started studying pet nutrition, I realized my own nutritional pit falls. Pets and people use much the same holistic remedies and their nutritional needs are close.

I also met Laurie Reyon and Master Cat Puddah. Laurie is internationally known, speaks to animals and translates to humans and is also a healer. I asked her if she was born with this gift or was it learned. She replied, “I’ve always been able to speak to them.” I am very interested in speaking with animals, communicating telepathically. She is guided by Spirit and the energy of her cat, Puddah. She can communicate with whales and dolphins as well.

I almost forgot, I won two baskets from the raffle drawings, like I said, not many people so my chances were real good and my daughter had tickets, we each won one. We won doggy treats, toys, bowls, placemat, and a shedding blade. (Shedding blade is an awesome product for long or short coat. Smooth side removes excess water after bathing or swimming.) The puppy pads we won we donated to Holly’s Garden Rescue.

Note: The symbol on the blessing certificate is from Science of Mind, which I am also involved with and go to their spiritual centers. It is not to be confused with christian science or scientology. SOM is not a religion or cult but a belief that God-Creator-Source-Spirit-Higher Power, is within us and we are of One Mind, founded by Ernest Holmes.


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