Dog Noses

Dogs are great at sniffing out everything from danger to cancer.


Okay, this has the risk of being a love letter to dogs, but here it goes…

The documentary about dogs we watched in class was really interesting.  As I posted earlier in a comment, I’ve always loved dogs and thought they were wonderful and special, but I was surprised to learn just how special they truly are.  From genes to behavioral traits and skills, this is one unique species.

More specifically, I was really interested in the research that has been done in regards to dogs’ noses.  Dogs’ heightened sense of smell, according to WebMd, is 100 to 1000 times more powerful than a humans’.  The documentary also discussed this acute sniffer.  And it makes sense; since a dogs’ eyes and ears aren’t as strong as other animals’, the nose would have to fill in on picking up information where the other senses are lacking.  (However, it is interesting that…

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