Weekly Wag: Learn Your Dogs’ Body Language

I recently had a dog basic training class to volunteer at the local shelter. You want to know if it’s safe to enter a kennel. The first thing the instructor said is a dog will always give warning signs before it bites. The problem is people cannot read a dogs’ body language. Pay attention to their ears, eyes, tail and stance. I have cared for many dogs and still learned a few things and will continue to learn!

The only way dogs communicate with us, unless you’re an animal communicator, is through their body language. I have posted some pictures to help you. Parents please teach this to your children to help stop dog bites. If you are a teacher, please teach this to your class or have a specialist come to your classroom. In San Diego County, we have a program where an animal specialist will come to your school, free of charge, to educate your children. (Contact your local county shelter for more information).

Imagine going up to a human and greeting him the way you would a dog. Most of these ways are intrusive and threatening, but most people think this is only a dog, it doesn’t matter. WRONG! Just remember would you greet a human in the same manner?! If you see any signs of a dog being agitated, stressed or fearful please step back and give the dog its space! You won’t necessarily see teeth and growling before a dog will strike out.

Click for Source

Dog Safety…Bite Prevention

Shows 7 situations in which you might meet a dog.  Guess which are handled in the right way and which in the wrong way….Click picture to find which is right or wrong.


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