Zeus’ Second Chance

Zeus is the newest member of our family. He is a one year male shih tzu that was rescued from the shelter by Holly’s Garden Dog Rescue when he was scheduled to be euthanized. My daughter, Samantha, adopted him after fostering him for a month.

zues heidi sam

Samantha, Heidi & Zeus

Zeus’ Story

Zeus was abandoned at a shelter when his previous owner refused to get his eyes treated. (Later found out he has retinal detachment as a result of being shaken). Zeus was scheduled to be euthanized at the shelter because he was labeled aggressive and bit people.

Holly’s Garden Rescue pulled him from the shelter on the last day of his life and paid for his eye surgery. His right eye had to be completely removed and he has only 10% vision in his left eye. It was this vet that said he had retinal detachment as a result of being shaken.

My daughter, Samantha, started fostering him in December 2012, the day after his eye surgery. Zeus had a lot of issues, no wonder he bit people! She nursed him back to health and began socializing him. She has a female shih tzu, Heidi, she rescued in 2008 after being abused and abandoned many times.

After fostering Zeus for a month, she adopted him in January 2013. He is no longer aggressive, but he has to get used to you before he stops barking at you. When I first met him, he was so aggressive and would just bark and bark at me and run at me, but never bit me. I even nicknamed him ‘Chucky’, because of the way his face looked and he was like a ‘mad’ dog. I am not being mean, just have a ‘dark’ sense of humor!


Zeus right after surgery.


Zeus is no longer aggressive, however he does bark at strangers. Zeus has to take eye drops the rest of his life. He loves his mommy and grandma (me). Zeus has taught us a lot and thankful he is a part  of our family. He loves to snuggle close when he is being held. I believe he likes the feeling of being secure.

He is not treated any differently than the other dogs as far as discipline. He learned his way around the house, although he still bumps into things sometimes. He goes outside ‘potty’ and goes for walks just like the other dogs. Sometimes when walking he is coupled to the other shih tzu and he walks just fine. You would never know he is blind. We do talk to him a lot so he can hear our voice. He gets a little fearful (barking) if he can’t hear us.

Zeus Today

Cast: Zeus playing with Sydney (foster dog), Heidi walking through, Lexis on couch supervising. Sydney loves Zeus!


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