Doing the Right Thing for Animals!

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Unfortunately, we live in a world of hate, crime and no regard for life, human or animal. I am an animal welfare advocate, pet sitter, foster dog mom and an advocate for social justice for people. There are many like-minded people, but not enough! If there was a world full of these kind of people, what a fantastic peaceful world we would live in. As John Lennon says, “nothing to kill or die for”.

I want to share an inspiring courageous story with you from Allie Phillips. I first read about her about a year ago and subscribe to her blog. She is an  attorney, former prosecuting attorney, turned animal welfare activist and has authored several books. She is an incredible brave woman who stands up for what she believes in.

One of her projects, Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T) really touched my heart. These are shelters that house pets with domestic violence victims so they don’t have to leave their pets behind. I can relate to this, as I was in this situation many years ago and know first-hand the horrors.

You don’t have to be a professional to do the right thing. Anyone can do something; foster, adopt, volunteer, speak out or just report a wrong being done to an animal! Here is Allie’s story.

Doing the right thing for animals

Written by alliephillips on February 6, 2013

Karyn, saved from pound seizure

Yesterday marked a mile stone for me. It was ten years ago (February 5, 2003) that a traumatic and unexpected turn of events thrust me into the animal advocacy world and changed my career and focus on shelter animals forever. Thirteen years ago, I learned about pound seizure (where shelters sell or give animals to research) at my local shelter where I was volunteering. I was horrified that such a practice existed in our so-called civilized society. So I instantly became an advocate for the shelter animals and to end the practice. Those were crazy days in trying to get as many of the shelter animals out of the shelter before the Class B dealer (animal research broker) arrived to pick his victims. When a cat named Karyn was taken from the shelter by a Class B dealer after attempts by my rescue group to save her were denied, I went into action.

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