I am a foster dog mom and some dogs I work with were once abused. I own rescues that were once abused. Theses dogs are very fearful until they are properly socialized and loved so that they trust humans again. You should never approach a dog and pat it on the head even if the dog looks very friendly, you never know, regardless of its background, good or bad. Let the dog sniff the back of your hand first and come down to its level if possible. If an owner is present, ask if you can pet the dog. If no owner is present, leave  the dog alone to stay on the side of caution.–Paula Perry

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I just read a lovely blog post by Kathleen Prasad called “Reiju and Animals: When, How, and Most Importantly, Why” on the International House of Reiki blog (http://www.ihreiki.com/blog/). The post discusses far more than its title implies in terms of human/animal relations. I’d recommend it to everyone who follows the Reiki path, since part of that path is to connect to the All—animals, sky, earth, plants, rocks, fossils, stars, clouds, rain, sun, snow, space, molecules, birds, fish, bugs—not just to other people.

Reading Kathleen’s post brought to mind a simple technique that everyone who works with animals should know and use: Don’t begin patting an animal by going straight down for the top of the head and the forehead. I know that our impulse is to rush straight to the animal, and, with great joy, begin patting it on the top of its head. But this is terrifying to many…

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