Reiki For Horses

Me and Rhythm

Me and Rhythm

I started practicing Reiki in October 2010, Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing system using life force (universal/spiritual) energy. Rei means spirit, ki means energy. I go to Reiki shares and student Reiki classes monthly taught by my Reiki Master Teacher, Gabriella Cairo. She is a great teacher and dedicated to her students. She goes above and beyond most Reiki Master Teachers.

I started practicing Reiki because 1) I was ‘drawn’ to learn 2) I wanted to heal animals 3) it doesn’t matter what your education background or spiritual (religious) beliefs are and 4) everyone and everything is life force energy

My Reiki class went to Julie and Victor Calleja horse ranch in El Cajon (pronunded L-Kuhone), California February 2013, we liked it so much we decided to make this a monthly class as well. So on the third weekend of every month we go to Julie and Victors’ on Saturday and give their horses Reiki. On Sunday we go to Gabriellas’ home for our student Reiki. (Our Reiki share is on another weekend).

On March 16, 2013 our Reiki class (5 of us) went to Julie and Victors’ to practice Reiki and ride the horses. They have about 15 horses, mostly morgans. My ‘assignment’ was to pick a horse and give it Reiki. I picked Bella. I am learning animal communication, so I integrate this into Reiki. Always ask permission from the animal before giving Reiki just as you would a person.

I approached Bella in her pen, asked permission and started ‘scanning’ her (my hands near her body) to see if I was drawn to a particular area. My hands were drawn to her chest area and hind quarters. (The energy does not come from me but through me from the Divine Source). I could feel the energy being drawn from my hands, this means the horse (animal) is taking or receiving the Reiki energy. I stood there for a while basking in the Reiki ‘light’.



Then Sparkles (who walks around freely) came up to me. I ask her if she wanted Reiki. She put her mouth to my hand. It was so fascinating! I gave her Reiki, too. With Reiki you do not have to touch the animal or person, life force energy {energy that animates the body and the universe, when unblocked and properly directed, can help the body to heal itself. also known as chi (qi) in Chinese or prana} can travel or go anywhere. Everything is energy and we are the channel for this energy. You can usually feel this energy in your hands as warmth or a tingling sensation. Sometimes you feel nothing, which doesn‘t mean it is not there. The object is to let go of your ego and let the Reiki flow and do its work for the good of the animal. If the animal has a particular illness or injury you can set your intention to heal that area.



I do not have pictures of the Reiki session. I did not think of it at the time. Next time I will take photos or a short video of the Reiki session with the horses. Bella is the horse I started giving Reiki to and Sparkles came up to me.

A lot of times animals will come up to you while giving Reiki to another animal. They are drawn to the Reiki energy. Usually the Reiki session would continue as long you feel the energy flowing. I ended my session early though due to time constraints. Reiki energy is used for healing and relieving stress for people, animals, plants and much more!

Animal Reiki with Kathleen Prasad


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