Abbie Surfs: San Diego Icon

Abbie and her Dad

Abbie and her Dad

Abbie Girl, an Australian Kelpie, is a rescue dog with an amazing cinderella story. Rescued at six months old by the Humane Society Silicon Valley, she was soon adopted and started rehabilitation for trauma. She survived to become the top-medaled surfing dog in the world, and a media star. Abbie’s credits include Animal Planet, the 20th Century Fox movie Marmaduke, the TV reality show “Dog Park Superstars,” and a feature in Kyra Sundance’s latest book, “101 Ways to Do More With Your Dog.”

Abbie is a local icon in San Diego, where she and owner, Michael Uy, can be found surfing year-round at their home break in Del Mar. ESPN calls Abbie the “exception to the rule” for surf dogs. She took off on a board the first time she got on one, “and has been surfing ever since.” Michael and Abbie started competitive dog surfing in 2008 – a few days after catching her first wave, she medaled 1st in a heat at the Helen Woodward dog surfing contest, and every competition in the next five years.

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Abbie’s website~new site coming soon.


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