What is Your Dog’s Job?

Pet parents learn a lot from their dogs, all pets have a job. They don’t have to be a TV/movie star, service dog or police dog. Their job could be as simple as making you smile. 🙂 Our pets enrich our lives in one way or another and it may not be obvious to us at first. But if you think about the qualities of your pet, you will discover what their job is and what their purpose is in your life. (cats and horses included)



For example: Heidi is the alpha dog in our family. She puts the other dogs in check when they are misbehaving. It doesn’t matter the size of the dog. Little Heidi is fearless and 99% of the time, they listen to her. She is not a ‘yappy’ little dog, only barks when necessary, which makes her a good watchdog as well. JOB: alpha, watchdog



Lexis is the ‘mother’ of the pack. She is great at socializing other dogs, she has tons of patience. Which is great for my foster dogs and rehabilitating rescue dogs. She is very laid back, although she does have her limit and will teach dogs boundaries. She watches after her little sister, Heidi, on outings. Dogs learn more easily from watching other dogs, so the new-comers learn from watching her, too. JOB: teacher, socialize

Sydney, my foster.

Sydney, my foster.

Sydney, makes me laugh. She is always doing something, such as getting paper toilet rolls out of the bathroom trash or jumping on you as you walk in the house, but she has a great personality that you just can’t help but laugh at. (She is a work in progress). Sydney is very smart and learns things quickly. She tends to think of everything as a game, she is 1.5 years old. Syd also watches after every other animal in the house, whether canine or feline. If she hears a cat meow, she checks on them. She even tells us if the cat gets out of the house. If a dog is not feeling well, she checks on them. When Heidi got out of the fence, she told us. JOB: laughter, overseer of all animals

Me and Zeus


Zeus is the newest member, January 2013. He is still integrating into the family, he is a rescue and has physical and mental issues. He is coming around very quickly. I would say his job is teaching us how to work with a ‘handicapped’ dog. He is missing one eye and has only 10% vision in his other eye from abuse. He is also the playmate to Sydney. JOB: teaching humans

I think all animals teach humans something, one way or another!

We just have to listen.


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