Edible Undies for Pets

Honest Kitchen, all natural dog food, now has edible undies for Fido. Their idea was to create an edible product for those pooches that like to eat their owner’s undies. The following is their newsletter. Please click on one of the links below to check out this incrEDIBLE product!

As you probably know, we’ve been busy in our R&D Kitchen for several months, creating some really exciting new products. Our Pro Bloom Probiotic Instant Goat’s MilkTM will be available in the next few weeks, and this month we’re launching Undies!

Undies have been created in response to the many reports we’ve received over the years, about pets consuming foreign objects around the home, especially underwear like socks, briefs and even bras. We set to work to see if we could solve this problem, and created Undies edible underwear for pets, made entirely from dehydrated, human grade vegetable protein using a special technology that allows us to shape our dehydrated ingredients into a flexible, realistic finished product.  Buy now!

Undies can be hidden around the house to create all the fun of stealing some real underwear, but none of the risks of ingesting harmful fabric, underwires or thread. Undies are made from one pure, single source vegetable per variety and are available in Pure Carrot (socks), Pure Celery (briefs) and Pure Beet (bras). All we’ve added is a natural turkey aroma, and nothing else.

Undies are perfect to keep on hand as a distraction for dogs who are prone to stealing actual underwear, and a fun treat for special occasions or a gift for friends.


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